TITAN Jackpot
Bi-weekly game played on Mondays and Thursdays using TITAN

How it works

The TITAN Jackpot allows players to freely pick their lucky numbers to win prizes in TITAN. Players can either manually pick their numbers or a randomiser can choose a combination for them. To play this game, players have to pick a total of 5 numbers from two tables:
  • 4 numbers between 1 and 20, plus
  • 1 number, called the TITANBall, between 1 and 5
The TITAN Jackpot will be paid when a player gets all 5 numbers correctly in no particular order. This means you can match the winning combination with the first four numbers in any order!
The game uses Chainlink VRF (verifiable random function) for the generation of provably fair random numbers to ensure maximum fairness for players.
There will be two draws weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays. The results will be published the same day.
The ticket price is 1 million TITAN. The ticket price might change in the future to adjust to the future price of TITAN.

Winning combinations

  • Jackpot: Match all 5 numbers. These are tickets that match the first 4 numbers in any order and match the 5th number (the TITANBall)
  • Match 4: Tickets that match the first 4 numbers in any order (not counting in TITANBall, i.e. the TITANBall number has been missed)
  • Match 3: Tickets that match the first 3 out of the first 4 numbers in any order (not counting the DragonBall number)

Guaranteed minimum starting prize

  • To bootstrap the game, TITAN is our DOGE community leaders added 100 million TITAN tokens as starting prize pool
  • All tickets revenue increases the current prize pool
  • 70% of the pool size will be rewarded to the Jackpot winner, 20% for matching 4 numbers, and 10% for matching 3 numbers
  • The prize will be divided equally if there are multiple winners in the same category
  • The prize accumulates to the next round when there are no winners per category
  • When there are winners, the prize pool gets redistributed across all categories
  • Note: parameters can be fine-tuned after the game has started to incorporate our community feedback


A 30% tax rate is applied to the winner’s prize (automatically deducted).
  • 50% of the tax is used to fund TitanDAO (release new products)
  • 50% is used to burn TITAN tokens

Burning address

The burning address for the lottery is:
  • 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Let's take an example with real numbers and assume that the prize pool is 1 billion TITAN tokens. The winning numbers are 1, 9, 14, 18 and the TITANBall number is 5. There are 5 winners in total on this round (winning numbers are highlighted):
1 Jackpot winner
  • Winner's ticket numbers: 1, 14, 18, 9, + 5
2 winners for matching 4 numbers
  • Winner 1 ticket numbers: 18, 1, 9, 14 + 1
  • Winner 2 ticket numbers: 9, 1, 18, 14 + 3
2 winners for matching 3 numbers
  • Winner 1 ticket numbers: 17, 9, 1, 14 + 2
  • Winner 2 ticket numbers: 3, 18, 1, 9 + 1
A tax rate of 30% is applied to the prize pool. That is 30% of 1 billion TITAN which equals 300 million TITAN. The net prize pool is then 700 million TITAN tokens (1 billion minus 300 million tax), distributed to winners as follows:
  • 1 Jackpot winner: 45% of 700 million = 315 million TITAN
  • 2 winners for matching 4 numbers: 35% of 700 million = 245 million TITAN = 122.5 million TITAN each
  • 2 winners for matching 3 numbers: 20% of 700 million = 140 million TITAN = 70 million TITAN each
The 300 million TITAN applied as tax, will be used as follows:
  • 50% is used to fund TitanDAO to release new products = 150 million TITAN
  • 50% is burned = 150 million TITAN
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